Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Any Ideas For Some Corks??

I bought these wine corks, about 200, off Ebay a few months ago with the intention of making a notice board out of them but I've since gone off the idea. Has anyone seen a project that has used a lot of corks or any ideas for what I could use them for? I've tried cutting them and they are a nightmare ... they start to crumble and flake so if I could use them whole rather than chopped, that would be better.


  1. Make 200 bottles of Wine?

  2. A wreath? or 200 compasses?

  3. You could glue them to a board horizontally in a pattern and then frame them with some nice timber.. for a wall handing or as a trevit for hot pots.
    My good mate Ken in the USA makes these...
    You may want to take a look... they are really quite cool...

  4. glue them laying on their side or up right, which ever makes a smoother surface and create a nice cork table top out of them. you can attached the piece to any legs and make a coffee table out of it. if the surface isnt flat enough you may need a scrap piece of glass to lay over it.
    you can also make a work shop cork board or like a peg board.

  5. The trick to cutting wine corks is soaking them for up to 6 hours in water prior to attempting to cut them in half.