Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My First Real Blog

My first real blog after the introduction. This is my shed. 12' X 8', and like I said, very tight. Its important to utilise as much space as possible when working in small workshops especially if building large projects. As you can see it has two windows with one facing south that allows a lot of natural light in, very important when it comes to dying and staining wood. Believe it or not, incorporated in to this shed is a saw table, cross cut table, router table and drill stand .... I even have a plan to get myself a small bandsaw. So how do I do it, how do I fit all this gear in here and still have space to work? Collapsable tables is the answer. The drill press pulls out from the wall and the saws and router table all fold away.
Tomorrow I will show you the cross cut saw.
Thanks for looking in.

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