Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cross cut Saw (Foldaway)

Ok, I said in yesterday blog how important it is to 'save space' in your shed. When you are dealing with small spaces and lots of equipment, being able to 'knock them down' helps. These photos show you just how I achieve that with my cross cut saw. The saw is an electra beckum that is quite weighty (about 22kg)So to keep getting this out and putting it away daily is just not a practical option.
I mounted the saw on a piece of 16mm MDF that I hinged to a batton on my shed wall. At the front of the base I drilled a hole that accepts a 10mm dowel, I drilled a similar hole directly underneath in the wooden floor. Between the two is a length of 2" square wood that when fit keeps the table perfectly horizontal.
Tomorrow I will show you how I create the same effect with a router table.

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