Thursday, 15 April 2010

Found this bargain !!

Found this bargain in a local DIY store yesterday ...... reduced from £23 to £19 ($35 to $29). Its made by Arrow .... model No. ET100K and is capable of driving 1" nails in to hardwoods, no problem! It comes in a blown plastic carry case with four packs of nails (5/8" - 3/4" and 1"). Iv'e always wanted a small nail driver but because of limited space a pneumatic gun with compressor is just not an option.
The project I'm working on in the background of the photos is a jewellery case designed and made by Norm Abram on the NYWS. Click the link and follow through on the site to some of the photos of cases made by other woodworkers. I did'nt buy the plans I just guessed the sizes.

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  1. Nice nail gun, just wish i could find a good deal on one.

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